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Conceptions of Democracy

The project assesses different conceptions of democracy in a comparative perspective.

Parchemins - Legalisation of immigrants

The parchemins study regards the effects of legalisation of immigrants without documents on their health conditions in the canton of Geneva.

Climate Change in the Administration (BureauCC)

The project is currently under development and searches to evaluate cross-sectional policy integration in the administration.

SHP Covid-19 additional survey

The SHP Covid.19 additional survey was an additional wave of the Swiss Household Panel, conducted in 2020.

Social movement organisations and democratisation in Tunisia

Taking a comparative perspective, worldviews on democracy held by several actors of the Tunisian civil society are analyzed. In the following, the state perspective and its vision on Tunisian democracy is compared with the perspective hold by movement leaders.

Swiss energy network and EU relations

The project analysed Swiss energy networks and the networks towards the EU as part of an NRP.